Burgundy Hair Color and Dye


Burgundy hair color is a hot trend nowadays. Here you can find the best burgundy hair dye for a stylish look. Enjoy your new look.
Burgundy hair color and dye
How to Dye Dark Hair to Burgundy

Hair dying is that the method of coloring your hair, most ordinarily accustomed cowl graying hair. you\’ll dye hair of all colors, whether or not light-weight or dark, however treat darker hair with slightly a lot of caution. once dying your darker hair, one amongst several new colors is applied, together with blonde, brunette and even a lot of specific colors like burgundy. Most beauty salons provide hair coloring services, however it may be done reception.

How to Dye Dark Hair to Burgundy
Things you will need

Burgundy dye
Small plastic cup
Rubber gloves
Large bag
Hair clip
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creating Your Own Burgundy dye the simplest ways in which to Dye Dark Hair
Testing Your dye

Step 1
Purchase burgundy hair color and select your commitment. A hair dye’s commitment is that the level of the color’s strength and duration. Most major brands use the subsequent ranking system—highlighting (subtle color change), semi-permanent color (washes out when a few dozen shampoos), demi-permanent color (washes out when concerning two dozen shampoos) and permanent color (does not wash out of your hair with shampoo). don\’t purchase a semi-permanent color or demi-permanent color dye product. Neither contains ammonia and solely demi-permanent color contains a trace of peroxide, therefore you’ll not lighten your hair color with these merchandise. select either highlights for a refined burgundy color which is able to quickly fade or permanent color which is able to with boldness amendment your hair color and last till your roots grow out.

Step 2
Perform an hypersensitivity reaction take a look at to work out if your scalp can have a foul reaction to your dye. Most dye merchandise go along with an hypersensitivity reaction take a look at. combine tiny|alittle|atiny low} quantity of the dye during a small plastic cup and smear a number of it on the within of your supercilium, close to your nose. Leave the dye on your supercilium for a minimum of forty eight hours, being absolute to cowl it with a band-aid after you take a shower to forestall it from laundry away. If you are doing not have an hypersensitive reaction, it’s safe to use the dye on your scalp.

Step 3

Perform a strand take a look at at a similar time you’re activity your hypersensitivity reaction take a look at. whereas sporting a rubber glove, apply a little quantity of dye to a strand of your hair. fully coat the strand of hair and leave it sit for a minimum of forty eight hours. when forty eight hours, wash your hair. If the color isn’t what you expected or if your hair turns an off color, like blue or inexperienced, consult a hair care skilled for treatment choices. If the color is what you want, use the merchandise to dye all of your hair.

Coloring Your Hair
Step 1
Dress yourself in garments you have got no downside obtaining dirty. cowl the maximum amount skin as attainable, as dye is unpleasant once it makes contact together with your skin. placed on your rubber gloves whereas operating together with your dye.

Step 2
Read the directions on your dye product. totally {different|completely different} merchandise have different directions, therefore review the directions and follow them exactly. creating an error may end up in unpleasant consequences, therefore it\’s best to check the directions before dying your hair. though the small print of directions vary from product to product, the method of dying your hair is typically a similar.

Step 3
Mix your dye by following the manufacturer’s directions. combine to the precise amounts given by your hair dye’s directions. don’t estimate—be precise.

Step 4
Put some dye in your hands and gently massage it into your hair, functioning from the roots out. equally coat and equally saturate your hair. going away excess dye in your hair could end in uneven coloring.

Step 5
Comb your hair to get rid of any excess dye. hairdressing your hair conjointly helps to equally distribute the dye. The dye can stain your comb, therefore use a comb that’s not your regular comb.

Step 6
Put the bag over your head, being absolute to fully cowl all of your hair, and secure it together with your hair clip. don’t place the bag over your face, because it can suffocate you. solely cowl your hair.

Step 7
Set your timer for the precise quantity of your time educated by your dye product. dye is formed of chemicals and, if left in your hair for a amount of your time that’s longer than educated, the chemicals could injury your hair and/or burn your scalp. don\’t estimate—be precise.

Step 8
Remove the bag and take a shower once your timer rings, being absolute to follow the directions provided by your dye product. Some merchandise need you to shampoo your hair till the water runs clear et al need you to use an after-dye conditioner, therefore follow your hair dye’s individual laundry directions.